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    US asks London court to hand over two alleged hackers

    The men are accused of helping cause $530m of losses to banks and other businesses.

    Posted 2018/11/14 11:01:20

    The face-mapping technology raising fears about fake news

    Why face-mapping technology designed to improve TV dubbing is raising fears about fake news.

    Posted 2018/11/14 00:03:30

    First 5G cities in UK named by EE

    The UK's big cities will be the first to get the futuristic mobile technology, says mobile operator.

    Posted 2018/11/13 17:06:49

    Hitman 2: Sean Bean on being killed in video game

    The actor plays a so called "elusive" target which only appears for a short period of time.

    Posted 2018/11/13 10:54:07

    Online security and privacy: What an email address reveals

    A think tank researcher explains how political campaigners can use information gleaned from an online search.

    Posted 2018/11/13 10:25:19

    Can listening to bees tell us why they are in decline?

    Scientists hope artificial intelligence will gives us more insights into bee health and behaviour.

    Posted 2018/11/12 22:42:32

    Can listening to bees help save them - and us?

    Scientists hope artificial intelligence will gives us more insights into bee health and behaviour.

    Posted 2018/11/12 22:42:32

    Apple iPhone sales fears rock Wall Street

    The tech giant's share price fall has wiped more than $40bn off its market value.

    Posted 2018/11/12 21:32:40

    US overtakes China in top supercomputer list

    A new list of the world's most powerful machines puts the US in the top two spots.

    Posted 2018/11/12 17:42:20

    Xiaomi criticised for UK smartphone £1 flash sale

    Xiaomi offered only two or three phones at the advertised price.

    Posted 2018/11/12 16:53:40

    Amazon asked to share Echo data in US murder case

    A US judge asks Amazon to hand over audio recordings from an Echo device in a house where two women died.

    Posted 2018/11/12 13:48:37

    Steam bug allowed unlimited free downloads

    Valve awarded the researcher that found the issue a bug bounty of $20,000.

    Posted 2018/11/12 13:36:04

    Russia suspected of jamming GPS signal in Finland

    Finland's PM suggests it was jammed deliberately in northern Finnish airspace during Nato exercises.

    Posted 2018/11/12 11:19:47

    Douglas Rain: Actor who voiced Hal in 2001: A Space Odyssey dies

    Canadian actor Douglas Rain voiced the chilling computer in the landmark sci-fi film.

    Posted 2018/11/12 10:33:47

    What is fake news and how can you identify it?

    Fake news can sometimes very closely mimic real news. Zoe Kleinman looks at how you can spot it.

    Posted 2018/11/12 00:28:37

    The digital epidemic killing Indians

    India has seen a rise in public lynchings caused by social media messages spreading fake news.

    Posted 2018/11/12 00:28:00

    Alibaba Singles Day sales frenzy surpasses records

    The Chinese firm's shopping bonanza day saw customers spend a record $30.8bn.

    Posted 2018/11/11 20:44:25

    What do tampons and WWI have in common?

    Tampons, drones and more surprising innovations from World War One that changed the world.

    Posted 2018/11/11 00:06:41

    US man pleads guilty to game hacking charges

    Gamers were prevented from playing for hours by attacks that targeted popular titles

    Posted 2018/11/09 12:06:22

    Chinese headmaster fired over secret coin mining at school

    A stack of crypto-currency mining machines was found after teachers complained about excessive noise.

    Posted 2018/11/09 10:05:52

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