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    Byte: Vine creator to launch new video-looping app

    It's been two years since Vine was binned by Twitter, but its creator says the successor is coming.

    Posted 2018/11/09 09:53:30

    AI bot gets human expressions and other tech news

    BBC Click’s Nick Kwek looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.

    Posted 2018/11/09 08:56:01

    Netflix chief Reed Hastings ready for Disney Plus battle

    Reed Hastings says the firm does not fear the launch of Disney's new online streaming service next year.

    Posted 2018/11/09 07:30:14

    The gamer who spent seven years in his dressing gown

    A gamer who spent years adrift in an online world has developed a board game to help isolated young people.

    Posted 2018/11/09 00:28:27

    Could these balls help reduce plastic pollution?

    Microplastics have swamped our ecosystem. Can tech help prevent them entering our water systems?

    Posted 2018/11/09 00:04:25

    Paypal stops handling payments for Tommy Robinson

    Mr Robinson says he used Paypal to collect donations for legal battles, and calls the ban "fascism".

    Posted 2018/11/08 22:37:03

    Paypal stops handling payments for Tommy Robinson

    The Paypal account for Mr Robinson has been closed after it violated the payment firm's policies.

    Posted 2018/11/08 18:22:14

    YouTube to label government and public-funded clips

    Videos from news sources that get government or public funds will be highlighted by the video site.

    Posted 2018/11/08 17:43:42

    Facebook delays mandatory political ad ID checks

    The verification system will be voluntary until it becomes harder to fool, says Facebook.

    Posted 2018/11/08 12:32:24

    YouTube U-turn over Red Dead Redemption 2 suffragette clips

    The site says it made a mistake when it wiped videos of a women's vote campaigner being murdered.

    Posted 2018/11/08 11:10:40

    Dyson wins ruling over vacuum cleaner tests

    The UK engineering firm claimed the European testing regime unfairly favoured rivals' models.

    Posted 2018/11/08 10:24:53

    Tesla names Robyn Denholm as chair to replace Elon Musk

    Telecoms executive Robyn Denholm will take over the role while Elon Musk remains chief executive.

    Posted 2018/11/08 08:54:39

    Can artificial intelligence predict the future of fashion?

    Using artificial intelligence to spot future fashion trends could also help reduce clothing waste.

    Posted 2018/11/08 00:07:41

    The thermal rescue drone that finds woodland wanderers

    Researchers in Latvia are developing drones that can find people who are lost in the forest.

    Posted 2018/11/08 00:03:45

    Thousands still watch TV in black and white

    More than 7,000 people stick with monochrome viewing half a century after colour broadcasts began.

    Posted 2018/11/08 00:00:14

    Samsung folding smartphone revealed to developers

    Samsung unveils a folding handset that turns into a tablet at an event in San Francisco.

    Posted 2018/11/07 20:19:33

    5G will let users ditch fixed-line home broadband, says Three

    The chief executive of Three UK says UK homes could benefit from giving up their fixed-line connections.

    Posted 2018/11/07 15:49:42

    Metop weather satellite launches into orbit

    Europe sends up a front-line weather satellite containing components made over a decade ago.

    Posted 2018/11/07 02:03:21

    HSBC bank confirms US data breach

    American customers' statement and transaction histories have been exposed.

    Posted 2018/11/06 18:14:28

    Leave.EU faces fine over data misuse

    Leave.EU and Arron Banks' Eldon Insurance face fines for emails which breached data laws.

    Posted 2018/11/06 13:12:06

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