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    Apple to stop reporting sales numbers

    Apple's market value briefly dips below $1tn despite record revenues and profits.

    Posted 2018/11/01 22:36:43

    Samsung agrees to payouts after worker deaths

    The technology company agrees to pay up to £100,000 per illness after a decade-long campaign.

    Posted 2018/11/01 13:50:33

    Should Fortnite credit dances used in the game?

    Epic Games has been criticised for not crediting the originators of dance moves depicted in Fortnite.

    Posted 2018/11/01 10:58:26

    Why robots will build the cities of the future

    As construction workforces age, we are likely to turn to robots to build the cities of the future.

    Posted 2018/11/01 00:16:54

    Robot backpack: How this Fusion bot aids collaboration

    The Fusion bot shares and teaches skills by transferring body motions from one person to another.

    Posted 2018/11/01 00:04:01

    US attacks UK plan for digital services tax on tech giants

    Plans to impose a new tax on tech giants risk US retaliation and could hurt trade relations.

    Posted 2018/10/31 22:22:09

    Robot company Starship Technologies start Milton Keynes deliveries

    Hundreds of robots are starting to deliver packages to addresses across Milton Keynes.

    Posted 2018/10/31 17:20:25

    Eurostar resets customer passwords after hack attack

    The rail firm reset passwords after detecting efforts to break into some accounts earlier this month.

    Posted 2018/10/31 17:10:42

    Google executive leaves after sexual harassment claim

    The New York Times reported the executive had been accused of sexual harassment in 2013.

    Posted 2018/10/31 16:17:18

    Apple Watch owners asked to return devices for repair after update glitch

    Apple has withdrawn a software update after complaints that it "bricked" some owners' smartwatches.

    Posted 2018/10/31 12:51:53

    Fake Cambridge Analytica ad hits Facebook

    The bogus advert purports to be for the BeLeave Brexit campaign and received more than 1,000 views.

    Posted 2018/10/31 12:20:26

    Can artificial intelligence help stop religious violence?

    Oxford University researchers have created a simulation designed to help prevent religious conflict.

    Posted 2018/10/31 00:25:00

    Bitcoin: The first ten years

    Bitcoin was born ten years ago. What has it brought the world?

    Posted 2018/10/31 00:23:03

    What should I do with my broken kettle?

    Our household appliances could have much longer lives if they were designed to be easily repaired.

    Posted 2018/10/31 00:17:03

    Facebook daily visits growth slows as sales miss forecasts

    The social media firm is seeing users shift from its most profitable business amid rising costs.

    Posted 2018/10/31 00:02:53

    Fifa: Governing body reveals IT data hack earlier this year

    Football's world governing body Fifa says information was hacked from its IT systems earlier this year.

    Posted 2018/10/30 23:11:43

    Police ground drones after reports they fall out of the sky

    Some incidents in which DJI drones "suffered a complete loss of power" have concerned UK authorities.

    Posted 2018/10/30 17:15:15

    Yosemite fall: Victims identified as married bloggers from India

    The couple who fell to their deaths had blogged about their love for travel and each other.

    Posted 2018/10/30 15:59:31

    Warning over DJI drones falling out of the sky

    Some incidents in which DJI drones "suffered a complete loss of power" have concerned a UK authority.

    Posted 2018/10/30 12:11:28

    Porn-loving US official spreads malware to government network

    The employee at the US Geological Survey had an "extensive history" of visiting adult websites.

    Posted 2018/10/30 11:02:01

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