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    Sony eyes record profit as gaming hits boost earnings

    Strong demand for Spider-Man and other games is helping drive earnings at the Japanese electronics giant.

    Posted 2018/10/30 09:14:35

    Teaching kids the magic of coding

    Linda Liukas wants to show children that writing code for computers can be magical.

    Posted 2018/10/30 00:08:16

    Linda Liukas, Hello Ruby and the magic of coding

    Linda Liukas wants to show children that writing code for computers can be magical.

    Posted 2018/10/30 00:08:16

    Can we predict when a crime will take place?

    Predictive policing using data analytics is gaining acceptance among police forces, but at what cost?

    Posted 2018/10/30 00:03:06

    Budget 2018: Tech giants face digital services tax

    Chancellor Philip Hammond plans to tax the sales that digital giants generate in the UK.

    Posted 2018/10/29 19:45:03

    Red Hydrogen One: The internet reacts to the 3D-enabled phone

    A smartphone with a pioneering 3D display fails to convince technology experts of its merits.

    Posted 2018/10/29 18:31:32

    MIT invites you to control a human on Halloween

    Researchers want internet users to vote on which actions an actor will take in a new social experiment.

    Posted 2018/10/29 14:16:31

    Pittsburgh shooting: Gab drops offline after attack

    PayPal and others pulled support for Gab's "free speech" service after a gun attack on a synagogue.

    Posted 2018/10/29 13:13:29

    Are hydrogen trains the future of UK travel?

    Trains that emit pure water could be in the UK by the "early 2020s", according to the government.

    Posted 2018/10/29 05:24:02

    Dad creates VR world to help daughter

    Craig Chaytor's 360° videos were inspired by his daughter's learning difficulties.

    Posted 2018/10/29 00:47:19

    The boss who tried to kill his business

    Peter Reinhardt was initially unimpressed with the idea behind customer data tech firm Segment.

    Posted 2018/10/29 00:13:42

    The robot arm made for gentle undersea exploration

    A soft robotic arm which will allow underwater sea life to be studied in greater detail is created.

    Posted 2018/10/26 23:43:00

    VR esports: Is it gaming for sporty people?

    VR esport athlete Tim McGuinness says the technology lets him do things traditional sport competitors cannot.

    Posted 2018/10/26 23:25:02

    Facebook finds more fake accounts from Iran

    The social network has removed another batch of pages and groups spreading misinformation.

    Posted 2018/10/26 19:36:57

    Driverless cars: Who should die in a crash?

    A global study suggests people prefer to save young over elderly people.

    Posted 2018/10/26 12:40:41

    Google sacks dozens over sexual harassment

    The tech giant says it dismissed 48 employees, including 13 senior managers, over the past two years.

    Posted 2018/10/26 09:36:15

    Micro drones pull heavy objects and other tech news

    BBC Click's Omar Mehtab looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.

    Posted 2018/10/26 07:54:25

    Helping kids cope with the fear of medical treatment

    Hi-tech gadgets are helping sick children express their feelings and soothe their fears.

    Posted 2018/10/26 00:24:12

    Portrait by AI program sells for $432,000

    The AI-generated portrait of a fictional Frenchman sold for 45 times its original estimate.

    Posted 2018/10/25 17:02:18

    BA investigation into website hack reveals more victims

    Details of the attack emerged as BA investigated a 'sophisticated' attack it suffered in September.

    Posted 2018/10/25 16:10:30

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